3D printed chess set

The 3D printed chess set: custom design, complete with printed board.

What is it?

a free to download design of a chess set that you can 3D print, complete with all parts, including the board.


When I got my 3D printer I wanted to create something that could stand on my table, and be a conversation starter. I designed the chessboard and started printing. It works really well as a decorative piece.


The design was made using tinkercad, and it was printed on a PP3DP UP! mini printer. The files can be downloaded from thingiverse but be warned: the complete set takes around 45 hours of printing on a good quality, and you will need at least 2 colors of filament, 3 if you want the border to be in a different colour.


the finished product
the finished product
download @ thingiverse
download @ thingiverse


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