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Pixel Portal: Having some fun in excel

Pixel portal

Back in april I wanted to create something simple, yet original.

The result: a 2D platform version of portal, the popular puzzle video game from 2007 by valve.

Level 3 of pixel portal



The game works using VBA (visual basic for applications) in microsoft excel. A small window allows to monitor a user’s input, and passes the information along to a script that acts on it.

The whole game is rendered in a worksheet where every cell is evenly sized.  the code in the script will check if the adjecent cells of the player are walls, ladders, open,… and allow you to move or not.

Shooting portals can be done using the numpad keys (8, 6, 4 and 2), moving is done by either a, s, w,d or z,q,s,d (for azerty layouts).

You can pick up companion cubes by walking over them, and you can drop them in place by pressing ‘e’.

If you want to take a look at the code, you are free to do so (you can find it under the developer tab in excel). why not even try to modify it a bit?


Video demo

If you don’t fancy downloading an excel file with macro’s attached, I made a demonstration video of the tutorial level.



Want to play the game? cool, you can download it here: Pixel Portal